When your home or business sustains fire damage, the restoration process can be quite lengthy and detailed. After all, you're dealing not just with damage from flames, but also from soot, smoke, and the water that was used to put out the fire. All of these factors have to be considered into the timeline which certainly cannot be completed in just a few days because of how many components there are to the process. Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration can take weeks and sometimes months before it is safe for you to return to your property.


Moisture Medic of Florida will remove any structural components that have suffered serious fire damages.


Remove floor coverings-when it comes to fire damage restoration, you have to remove these as they can collect soot, dust, and it can cover other damage that needs to be properly evaluated.


Evaluate the structural framing and subfloor material-once we have removed the carpeting, damaged structural cells, we can do a full evaluation of the subfloor material and other things that you do not see every day to complete a full and helpful evaluation for comprehensive fire damage restoration that won't have to be fixed later on.


Treating wall framing with odor counteractants-there are cases in which the framing can be saved, and it can therefore save you time, money, and suffering. In this case, we will do what is needed using the appropriate odor counteractants to make sure that there is no microbial contamination or other things that may harm your health or your house in the future.


Remove or restore the HVAC-this is absolutely critical to real success. The HVAC, depending on the extent of the damage, must be carefully evaluated and thoroughly restored or removed all together depending on the particular case. This will eliminate harmful dust and char particles in the air that could cause scarring or even scarring of the alveoli.


Those are the basic steps of fire damage restoration. But there is so much more involved. We take all the best safety precautions while checking each individual room for its fire damage restoration needs. We air out structures, paint walls, salvage lightly damaged structures and replace those that need to be replaced. Our goal in fire damage restoration services is to make it like the fire never even happened in the first place.


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